Hack the Box: Digital Cube

Challenge Lab: Stego

Difficulty: Easy

“…Strathmore leaned forward and rotated his monitor toward Susan. The screen was black except for a small, white text box blinking in the middle.


TRANSLTR, the single best crypto-machine, could not crack this code. Maybe you can…”

Zip Password: hackthebox

sha256: ecd005e153f20cb1a057719345fcc67d897c107ee9df1521edf10549aee09fb7

When you first open the file, it’s just a bunch of 1’s and 0’s, so I’m thinking binary.

I threw it in a binary decoder (CyberChef) and didn’t get much:

I think things might have been coming out skewed here because there were no spaces? But I wasn’t about to go through and put in all the spaces manually.

I tried another decoder HERE:

This turned up a bunch of decimals. However, before I go exploring down that rabbit hole, I noticed when I was searching for this binary tool that there were a lot of other options:

Chuck Norris Unary Code, lol, why not?

Well, that unfortunately didn’t work.

I started randomly trying a bunch of the different binary decoder options, eventually using the “Image in Binary” one at the top, where I got these results:

Here we go! Let’s download and save this.

I searched for “decode QR code” and found a few different sites, eventually using this one HERE (and I also bookmarked it, there are a few other useful things it can decode).

And the flag is revealed!

Happy Hacking ❤




CTF Writeups to facilitate cyber education.

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CTF Writeups to facilitate cyber education.

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