Hacktoria: Where’s Klumgongyn

3 min readFeb 24, 2024

I was searching around for OSINT themed CTF games and found Hacktoria.

My eyes lit up as soon as I started reading the website.

There are a whole bunch of “contracts” if you click on the practice section. Each one looks like a short OSINT challenge.

I’m going to be doing the first one today, “Where’s Klumgongyn”

It’s a geolocation challenge:

The photo quality is very poor, but there is some writing on that building that may help.

I did not get anything when I googled “My Taxi 558 2122” (because those were the wrong numbers). But I DID get something when I searched “My Taxi 2122”

This business is located in Hithadoo, Seenu, Maldives.

From this I was able to locate it with Google Maps.

However, My Taxi isn’t located where the pin is dropped here. I had to browse around the area until I found it, quite far from the pin!

You can see they removed the tower from the original photo and made it blurry as hell on purpose.




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