TryHackMe: OhSINT

Room: OhSINT

Difficulty: Beginner

“What information can you possibly get with just one photo?”

We are given a download to go along with the challenge, which is one photo of a beautiful, calming meadow.

With this photo, we will have to find a way to answer seven questions.

Question#1 What is this users avatar of?

I started out using exiftool, as I usually do in these situations:

Here we see what looks like a username in the “Copyright” section, OWoodflint, which I Googled:

Looks like we have a few hits here, but I will start with Twitter.

It looks like this is the answer to our first question!

Question#2 What city is this person in?

There is a hint for this question that says, “BSSID +”. Looking through a couple tweets, we see something at the bottom:

Using, which is a site that collects data from wardriving (random people driving around searching for free Wi-Fi), we can now find his location.

Click on “filter” to see the results. If it seems like nothing is happening, zoom out and look around the globe for a purple dot. It can be hard to see.

Question#3 Whats the SSID of the WAP he connected to?

From here, scroll in REALLY close, and you can see the SSID (name) of the Wireless Access Point he likes to use.

Question#4 What is his personal email address?

If you check out another one of the links from the search results we pulled up earlier, his email address is clearly visible:

Question#5 What site did you find his email address on?

At this point, you can deduce what the answer to this one is!

Question#6 Where has he gone on holiday?

By checking out the blog from the search results, we can see he has updated everyone about his holiday plans. Not a great idea, seeing as we know his approximate address, and also the fact that he is gone right now!

Question#7 What is this persons password?

If you look closely at our original Google results again, you will see a weird looking word that seems to be a password.

When you open up his WordPress blog though, you can’t see that same word anywhere on the pages.

If you right-click anywhere and choose “Inspect Element”, you can use the “search HTML” function at the top to see where his password is, just casually hanging out in the source code.

You can see it is actually in white colored font…

An easy OSINT challenge today!

Happy Hacking! ❤



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